2018 The Nose (5.14a, 31 pitches) -First rope-solo free climbing in  a push, Elcapitan- YOSEMITE-U.S.
>>> ●”Keita Kurakami frees El Capitan’s Nose as a rope-solo and 15-year-old Connor Herson becomes the youngest to free the iconic wall” by
>>> ●”Interview: Keita Kurakami on Rope-Soloing the Nose, Free” by Rock&Ice Magazine
>>>●”Keita Kurakami climbs The Nose on El Capitan free and rope solo” by
>>>●”Keita Kurakami: “Me gusta explorar los límites en cuanto al estilo”by Woguclimbing(Written by Spanish)
2017 The Final Frontier (5.13b, 9 pitches) – A push in a day, Fifi buttress-YOSEMITE-U.S.
2017 ハヤブサ / The Falcon (5.13a, 8 pitches) – A push in a day on Rope-solo, MIZUGAKI-JPN
2016 千日の瑠璃 / Thousand Days of Lapis Lazuli (5.14a R/X, 7pitches) – A push in a day
>>> “On Belay: A Thousand Days of Lapis Lazuli” by
>>> “倉上慶大&佐藤祐介ペア、瑞牆“千日の瑠璃(5.14a R/X 7ピッチ)”のワンプッシュに成功”by CLIMBING-net
2015 千日の瑠璃 / Thousand Days of Lapis Lazuli (5.14a R/X, 7pitches) -FA, MIZUGAKI-JPN
>>> ●”New 5.14a R/X Multipitch Trad Route in Japan” by
>>> “Hardest Trad Multipitch Route in Japan – 8b+ R/X” by UKC
>>> “瑞牆・十一面岩正面壁に新ルート”千日の瑠璃(5.14a R/X 7ピッチ)”を開拓” by CLIMBING-net
2015 自由登攀旅行 / Free Climbing Journey (5.13c) – A push in a day, MIZUGAKI-JPN
2015 静寂のバルジ ダイレクト / Bulge of Silence (5.13c, 4pitches) – A push in a day (FA), MIZUGAKI-JPN
2015 Sky Rocket (5.13c, 4pitches) – MIZUGAKI-JPN


2017 The Walk of Life (E9 6C) -5TH ASCENT, NORTH DEVON-U.K.
>>> “Keita Kurakami repeats Walk of Life E9 6c” by UKC
>>> “INTERVIEW: Keita Kurakami on The Walk of Life E9 6c” by UKC
>>> ”Walk of Life (E9 6c)”に成功” by CLIMBING-net
2017 燈明 / THE Votive Light (5.13d/14a R) -FA, YUKAWA-JPN
>>> “Keita Kurakami sees The Votive Light (5.13d/14a R trad) in Yukawa, Japan” by
>>> ”白髪鬼”のエクステンションに成功 by CLIMBING-net
2016 Gaia (E8 6C), BLACK ROCK-U.K.
2016 Spark (5.13b R) -FA, MIZUGAKI-JPN
2016 春うらら (5.12-, 2 pitches) -All pitches on-sight, MIZUGAKI-JPN


2017 中立主義 / Neutralism (Ungraded_Massive boulder) -FA, Local Area-JPN
>>> ●”Keita Kurakami climbs Neutralism, great Japanese highball” by Planet
>>> ●”Keita Kurakami’s Bold New Hard Japan Highball” by
2016 覚醒 / THE Vigilance (V14_Hardest slab in JPN) -2ND ASCENT, OGAWAYAMA-JPN
>>> “不可能スラブの“覚醒”を再登” by CLIMBING-net
2015 荒城の月 / Kojo no Tsuki (V12_Big boulder) -FA, TOYOTA-JPN
2014 黒本(小川山編)全課題完登 -Completed all boulder problem in Mt.OGAWA, OGAWAYAMA-JPN
2013 アガルタ / Agartha (V14), TOYOTA-JPN
2012 REBIRTH (V13_Big boulder) -FA, KASAGI-JPN
>>> “京都・笠置ボルダーReBirth初登” by CLIMBING-net
2011 獣神 / Shishigami(V12) -2ND ASCENT, MIOMOTE-JPN
2009 伴奏者 / Bansousha (V13), OGAWAYAMA-JPN
>>> “5th ascent of Bansousha” by UKC
2008 タキオン / Tachyon (V12) -FA, SHIOBARA-JPN

-Sport Route-

2019 Mare (5.14c) – First rope-solo free climbing, Mt.Futago-JPN
>>> ●”倉上慶大、Mare 5.14cをソロで第2登” by CLIMBING-net
>>> ●”Keita Kurakami climbs 8c+ rope solo at Mt. Futago in Japan” by Planet
>>> ●”Keita Kurakami encadena ‘Mare’ 8c+ autoasegurándose” by Woguclimbing(Spanish)
>>> ●”8c+ in autosicura per lo scalatore giapponese Keita Kurakami!” by (Italy)
2018 Matsushima Hang (5.14b), Local Area-JPN

-Aid Climbing-

2018 沈黙の春 / Silent Spring (A4+, 2 pitches) – Ground up FA on rope-solo, MIZUGAKI-JPN